My name is Esther and I am wedding photographer


I am the daughter of Matilde and Jose Luis, and the sister of Ruth, who was born for us to meet, because they met first. I am a bit of Pablo and a bit of Alber and also something of César. And I am a lot to Pollo, to Lobo and to Jose Antonio, who are my three dogs.



I have twenty years in Torrelavega; a few months in Barcelona and a few in the Pyrenees; a couple of years in Italy, and another in Santander; three more years in Bilbao and now seven in Cantabria.

34 in total.



Pablo is my favorite living person

  We met a couple of years ago and I am going to keep him forever because he cried when Galeano died and because life together is easier than invading Poland. We live between Pisueña and Pepe's house, in a neighborhood with 3 houses plus ours. Together we add 14 dogs, 1 tractor and soon a few kilos of tomatoes.

10 years ago I made a veggie omelette sandwich for King Africa and in 2006 I helped the one from Forest Gump check-in in Rome. My favorite chapter of Black Mirror is the fourth of the third season (San Junipero). I like Tod Solondz movies. And Borat. Also Adebisi in Oz, Jimmy Mcnulty in The Wire, Claire in Six Feet Under, Fry in Futurama, Claire Underwood in House of Cards, Seiya in the Knights of the Zodiac, Lady Gaga in American Horror Story, Gery in Veep and Rust Cohle in True Detective.

And Viggo Mortensen, in general.


I learned photography

with Gramsci and José Saramago. But I studied anthropology through the uned, thanks to my parents who stretched a worker's salary to give me a daughter's salary and then I spent 4 years to get a doctorate in sociology thanks to a grant from the Basque Government. Officially, I should have read the thesis in September three years ago, but I had several weddings that month and it sucked in my mind. My greatest academic success is being friends with Slavoj Zîzêk on Facebook. With the photos I am better and I am happier. This is the third year that I have dedicated myself completely to wedding photography.


I love Cafrune,

  a left-handed man killed on horseback near Benavides, Buenos Aires province, for singing a song during the Videla dictatorship.

I also love Facundo Cabral who, as Balbina says, luckily the only thing he gave us was everything. And I also like my neighbor Carmen's croquettes, my mother's pilpil, a pizza with honey that 2 women make at the soustons gas station and the surimi canapés that my uncle Toño makes at the bar.


I compulsively listen to Modern Life, Iván Ferreiro's Blue Days, Zeidun's Apocapitalism, the Grândola Vila Morena of the Carnation Revolution, Anyone of Good Night Has a Bad Day, The Artificial Paradises of Nega, O Fortuna by Carmina Burana, the Words More Words Less by Los Rodríguez, El Gallo Rojo and El Gallo Negro by Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio ... And all by Fabrizio de André.


I like to photograph people and I believe that one day, sooner rather than later, the great avenues will open.


I hope we meet soon!

Esther Cruz

I am always in

Esther Cruz

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Wedding photography

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